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Rence Andżeja

Kamil Mirosław

||| NO REASON = PLENTY OF REASONS ||| Silesian/Polish netlabel started in Silesia in July 2012. Anti-music takes on many music genres.


audio 23


noise 8
plunderphonics 6
edit 5
fx 5
podcast 5
poetry 5
dada 4
experimental 4
industrial 4
ambient 3
cover 3
dark ambient 3
databending 3
futurism 3
glitch 3
literature 3
music 3
progressive hoise 3
reading 3
remix 3
rence andżeja 3
sampling 3
sound collage 3
surrealism 3
tv recording 3
vaporwave 3
blend 2
contemporary poetry 2
dadaism 2
dark 2
drone 2
edits 2
freestyle 2
hip hop 2
instrumental 2
lipkowave 2
mash up 2
mihau 2
musique concrete 2
netlabel 2
patrick kokos 2
poezja 2
polish 2
pseudomonas 2
rock 2
schlager 2
short story 2
spoken word 2
16 bit 1
16 bit music 1
1990s 1
90s 1
Experimental 1
a cappella 1
abstract 1
acappella 1
acoustic 1
acoustic guitar 1
aeruginosa 1
anarcho-capitalism 1
androoz armz 1
audio edit 1
automatic composing 1
automatism 1
bass 1
bass guitar 1
beats 1
biology 1
blackwave 1
blues rock 1
breakcore 1
breaks 1
capitalism 1
chopped and screwed 1
classical 1
coconuts 1
collaboration 1
communism 1
contemporary literature 1
dali 1
dancecore 1
databending music 1
debilcore 1
demo 1
disco polo 1
discopolo 1
dj set 1
dna 1
dnb 1
drum and bass 1
drums 1
dubstep 1
easter 1
ebook 1
effects 1
electronic 1
electropop 1
eq 1
experimental music 1
field recording 1
first world problems 1
floppy 1
footwork 1
fred frith 1
free improvisation 1
fucking 1
gay dub 1
gay fiction 1
germany 1
glitch music 1
glitch-shit 1
goethe 1
guitar 1
hadtek 1
hardcore hip hop 1
hardcore rap 1
hardtek 1
harsh 1
harsh pizda metal 1
house 1
hój pank 1
i am too lazy to write more 1
improvisation 1
improvisation, rence andżeja 1
industrial techno 1
instrumental hip hop 1
instrumental rock 1
jewtek 1
johann sebastian bach 1
johann strauss ii 1
johann wolfgang von goethe 1
kamil mirosław 1
kelthuz 1
literature in polish 1
lo-fi 1
loop 1
loops 1
lubomir grzelak 1
mash-up 1
mashcore 1
mashup 1
mayakovsky 1
megamix 1
metal 1
mini dj set 1
mix 1
molecular biology 1
nakhuy 1
neurytcore 1
noise rock 1
orthodox 1
outsider house 1
paranoia 1
podlasie 1
poem 1
poetry in polish 1
poland 1
polish literature 1
polish poetry 1
poliszwave 1
polska 1
pop 1
porn 1
porn music 1
powstańcy rock 1
preview 1
prgo nouse 1
processing 1
prog hoise 1
prog nouse 1
progressive electronic 1
progressive house 1
promo 1
promomix 1
pure nonsense 1
radio 1
radio programme 1
radio show 1
random 1
rap 1
redux 1
regressive nouse 1
retouch 1
ritual ambient 1
rna 1
romuald lipko 1
russia 1
russian music 1
sad german 1
saluth 1
salvador dali 1
saturn 1
schizophrenia 1
sex tape 1
sex tape music 1
shortwave 1
sigmund freud 1
silesia 1
silesian 1
simultaneous 1
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Rence Andżeja
Imagine a half-Italian and half-Russian futurist poet from the beginnings of the previous century, the soul of whom had been travelling in space and time and decided to stay inside a teenage EDM-loving Polish girl, who live about 100 years after the futurist. Now, have a listen to this album. Using simple sound editing software, some samples from the Internet, field recordings and image files, Enigma Kokos made a record full of databent, glitchy sounds. It's a journey to the mind of her. The...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: dada, dadaism, futurism, glitch, glitch-shit, databending, industrial, dark ambient, noise, fx,...
Rence Andżeja
The second release on Rence Andżeja is a compilation of old songs by MIHAU LENNON. Tracks were recorded by him in 2010, between 18 II and 30 VII. Most of the songs are improvised lo-fi acoustic guitar and voice pieces, a lot of which contains fragments of rock and punk classics, mostly Polish, covered by Mihau. However, we have to point out what makes Lennon's music - the genre called 'hój pank' so unique. First of all, he decided to make his songs sounds totally amateur. As a lot of classic...
Topics: acoustic, improvisation, hój pank, dj set, mini dj set, audio edit, cover, porn, porn music,...
On the last day of 2014, we've got for you something truly special: a joint release of a new Patrick Kokos EP "Zew Podlasia" and his debut poetry book, "Kiedy umierę". "Zew Podlasia" consists of 5 plunderphonic, noisy edits of classic disco polo tracks from Podlasie and, as a bonus track, an edit of another huge tune - a Silesian disco-schlager song. "Kiedy umierę" is an effect of Patrick's work in 2013 and 2014, a selection of 33 (because he's...
Topics: disco polo, plunderphonics, noise, edit, remix, patrick kokos, schlager, silesian, podlasie,...
Rence Andżeja
by Rence Andżeja (Almost) All Stars
After months of work and some delays, the Rence Andżeja label compilation is finally out! So, the label is over one year old. The first two releases came in a pretty short time, as the tracks were already done. RENAN003 and RENAN004 were partially done at the time, so it took a few more weeks or months to finish and release them. And then... Daily routine dominated everyone. Although MIHAU produced some stuff in the Summer and over the next few months, it would be a problem turn those in one...
Topics: music, dark ambient, ambient, breakcore, lipkowave, plunderphonics, rock, instrumental,...
Rence Andżeja
RENCE ANDŻEJA proudly presents the first release in our catalogue, "POTENCJAŁ CZYNNOŚCIOWY" EP subconsciously composed and produced by KIWI AKSON. This release, inspired by Sigmund Freud and neurobiology, is an experience of repetition and changing audio quality. The record comes with a cover art made by KAMIL MIROSŁAW - artwork, inspired by the music, was made in MS Paint, using the techniques of glitch and collage. RELEASE INFO: Artist name: KIWI AKSON Release name:...
Topics: neurytcore, mihau, dada, dadaism, subconscious, subconsciousness, automatism, sigmund freud
Rence Andżeja
by Various Artists (MIHAU)
Happy New Year! But before 2014 comes, here's a brand new EP of a bit old music! This release consists of 6 tracks made by MIHAU under various aliases over 6 or 7 months since December 2011 onwards. Most (5 out of 6) of these tracks are unfinished projects, WIPs or previews and should be treated as drafts that probably will never turn into a real track. The first three tracks were sent to Kamil Mirosław by MIHAU in early 2012 to show his progress as a producer. Those ones, MIHAU's takes on...
Topics: music, netlabel, hadtek, ambient, drone, dubstep, drum and bass, dnb, mihau
Another Patrick's short story. Because there are more things that can happen when you're picking up mushrooms in a forest. Enjoy some Suwałki dialect! RELEASE INFO: Artist name: PATRICK KOKOS Series name: "Trans-sonic & Transhistorical Transmissions for Trans People and Trans Isomeres" Episode no.: #4 Episode subtitle: "Lies pełen gribow" Format: MP3 (320 CBR), mono Length: 2'32" Year: 2014 Credits: Text by Patrick Kokos Voice: Patrick Kokos Background music:...
Topics: short story, literature, podcast, polish, reading, dark, fucking, gay fiction
Rence Andżeja
by Various Artists
2014 comes to an end and it's Christmas time - so why shouldn't we share some music with you? Let's say... Some (mostly) unreleased shit, (mostly) done in 2014. The EP starts with a track by MIHAU - it's the last thing he produced for Rence Andżeja last Winter. Heavily inspired by the last year's album by the late DJ Rashad, MIHAU tried to do a footwork-like banger: "SWEGA BYCZ NO FOKK GIVEN". We've got two tracks by Patrick Kokos at #2 ("Saturn") and #4 ("Kay Gee...
Topics: noise, industrial, shortwave, free improvisation, cover, poetry, footwork, fred frith, lubomir...
Let's take a trip back to 2009! Our third release is a single by the founder of Rence Andżeja / Androoz Armz, Kamil Mirosław. The single was originally made by Kamil for his self-released solo album in 2009, and then it was titled 'REGIMEofAH1N1') but this Summer he found the track and original .WAV sample recordings, and decided to re-release retitled track along with two remixes made by fellow producers. 'Wolf's Dali-esque Paranoia' is an experimental piece made of vocal samples. Even...
Topics: dali, salvador dali, surrealism, paranoia, schizophrenia, glitch, databending, experimental, fx,...
Rence Andżeja
by PSEUDOMONAS x Patrick Kokos
It took us five months... and we are back with our first release in 2015: RENAN013, which will give you a serious triskaidekaphobia. So far, the only collabs in our catalogue were some guest remixes and the first episode in the TTTTT series. So we thought: why not release a whole collab EP, featuring tracks made by two of our artists together and also their personal takes at the same genre and track, their solo tracks that they later remixed for each other...? Well... That wasn't what we...
Topics: Experimental, plunderphonics, sound collage, poetry, poezja, noise, dark ambient, progressive...
Rence Andżeja
by Kamil Mirosław
In late 2013 Kamil Mirosław started making tracks, using samples from TV and radio programmes of early post-socialist Poland (ca. 1990-2000). Here's a pack of five tunes he made last Winter. Among samples used to make this EP are snippets taken from: a TV ad of Polish cornmeal snacks (#1), speech of Polish conservative liberal politician about the beginning of capitalism in Poland (#2), idiotic dating TV show (#3) and Polish 1990s boy band teen pop (#4, #5). Samples were treated with speed,...
Topics: abstract, poliszwave, jewtek, plunderphonics, gay dub, capitalism, poland, polska, vaporwave,...
RENANTTTTT001 wasn't the only thing Patrick Kokos was working on during the last few weeks. Now we can proudly present you his debut EP. A conceptual EP. What do you feel when you see all those Germans with their mouths full of bratwurst and sauerkraut and their barrels full of beer? 'How happy they must be!' - that's what you think? Have you ever thought that they might be actually... pretty sad? No? Well, at least Patrick Kokos has been thinking about it a lot, and that's why he made this EP....
Topics: music, netlabel, experimental, sound collage, dada, goethe, johann wolfgang von goethe, johann...
The first book of poetry by young Silesian poet Karol Tlen. Author: Karol Tlen Title: Trzy eseje o Aleksandrze Grey Series: Rence Andżeja ~ Sztywna Wisława Volume: #02 Number of copies: just like the number of stars on the northern sky on a sad night in Sosnowiec ISBN: make it up yourself Editing: Kamil Mirosław Cover design: Kamil Mirosław, Patryk Kokosiński Typesetting: Kamil Mirosław Post-editing and proof-reading: Kamil Mirosław PUBLISHER: Rence Andżeja www1:...
Topics: poetry, contemporary poetry, preview, promo, promomix, mix, snippet
Thanks to better DSL Internet connections getting cheaper in mid-2000s, a new genre appeared in Poland. Back then, making music and sharing it online wasn't about producing electronic tunes and putting then on Soundcloud or slowing down some actual tunes and uploading them to Bandcamp as a whatever-wave/whocarespunk EP. Those were times of garage groups with band profiles on and MySpace (and music section on one of the biggest Polish webportals - may it rest in peace) and music videos...
Topics: noise, rock, noise rock, soo, guitar, solo guitar, drums, bass, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vox,...
The journey continues. In 2013-2014, Patrick Kokos travelled to Germany and then shared his memoirs in the form of "Smutny Niemiec" ("The Sad German"), his first solo EP. Later in 2014, our wonderous wanderer came to Polish region of Podlachia and that visit resulted in a bunch of edits the regional anthems (known as "disco polo"). Patrick also briefly visited Upper Silesia, so he edited also one of the classic schlager tunes. This material was released on 31th...
Topics: russia, russian music, vaporwave, plunderphonics, outsider house, suka blyat, nakhuy, patrick...
Patrick Kokos reads his short story about a young boy who picked up some mushrooms that he shouldn't have touched. Or something else. I don't know. RELEASE INFO: Artist name: PATRICK KOKOS Series name: "Trans-sonic & Transhistorical Transmissions for Trans People and Trans Isomeres" Episode no.: #3 Episode subtitle: "Zły Lach" Format: MP3 (320 CBR), mono Length: 3'40" Year: 2014 Credits: Text by Patrick Kokos Voice: Patrick Kokos Background music: sampled, edited,...
Topics: short story, literature, podcast, polish, reading, dark
Time to reveal what does "RENANTTTTT" stand for. TTTTT is for "Trans-sonic & Transhistorical Transmissions for Trans People and Trans Isomeres", the first series of podcasts of two planned to be started in 2014. This series will be purely focused on spoken word. Instead of making boring recordings of one person talking and talking and blathering and talking, we're going to put out some podcasts consisting of processed recordings of two people (not necessarily people...)...
Topics: dada, surrealism, trans, transmission, podcast, spoken word, poem, poetry, mayakovsky, futurism, tv...
Rence Andżeja
by Rence Andżeja (Almost) All Stars
Soon the label compilation 'Chuj nie kompilacja' will be released. Some things (like artwork) are still not finished, so we decided to release something else before RENAN005. The catalog number for this release is RENAN004.99 and it's a short 3-track sampler for the compilation, a little sneak peek of what you may hear on the full comp. #1 is 'Jołmaderfokker', the only track ever done by Fruktofil Monarowiec. Produced in Summer 2012, it was supposed to have some Fruktofil's raps over the beat,...
Topics: trap, trap music, instrumental, hip hop, lipkowave, romuald lipko, rence andżeja, breaks, beats
Rence Andżeja
by Radio Pacha Feministki
This year we started two series of podcasts. There's already been one episode of TTTTT series and next two are coming soon, so it's time to give you the first part of the other series - RPF. RPF stands for Radio Pacha Feministki (Feminist's Armpit Radio). The podcasts from this series will be some 'special programmes' from the radio archives. This time we've got an Easter special - over 18 minutes of music and speeches from our best DJs: DJ Ziguś Szołtysek and DJ Tłumacz. DJ Ziguś will...
Topics: radio, podcast, schlager, mash up, easter, noise, experimental, experimental music, radio show,...
Rence Andżeja
After a debut appearance in Radio Pacha Feministki's Easter show (RENANRPF001), it's time for the first full release from Kamil Mirosław under the new alias, PSEUDOMONAS. The name is a latin word meaning 'a false unit', and it's kinda symbolic when you consider WHO uses this alias and WHAT is made under it. It's also a genus name of some bacteria, a subject really dear and close to KM in the last few months, due to his Microbiology course. According to the track lengths, the AERUGINOSA EP...
Topics: edit, redux, retouch, remix, progressive hoise, prog hoise, prog nouse, progressive house, noise,...
This time, instead of having two people talking, there's only one speaker. But with two different speech tracks played at the same time and the speeches being about molecular biology, the shit IS dope. Speeches were spontaneously recorded during KM's revision for an exam. RELEASE INFO: Artist name: KAMIL MIROSŁAW Series name: "Trans-sonic & Transhistorical Transmissions for Trans People and Trans Isomeres" Episode no.: #2 Episode subtitle: "Represor staje się aktywny"...
Topics: podcast, spoken word, speech, molecular biology, dna, rna, simultaneous, improvisation, rence...
Rence Andżeja
by Kamil Mirosław
"Spierdolony Blender" ("Fucked Blender") is the first of a few KM's releases planned for this year. As the name suggests, it consists of a few poorly done blends/mash-ups. Sometimes acapellas don't match the music at all. Sometimes the thing was done just to use an idea that wasn't that bad as long as it was only an idea. Sometimes it was meant just to be a joke that wasn't supposed to be a part of any release. Sometimes a blend was made for another project. Sometimes the...
Topics: mashup, blend, i am too lazy to write more
Rence Andżeja
by Słowiańskie Jebaki / Nuss O[czesc][czesc][czesc]
A pitch black split release by two of the freshly rotten RenAn affiliates: Słowiańskie Jebaki, a porn-driven duo of KM and EK, and Nuss O[czesc][czesc][czesc], a drone project that became defunct before its only creation is released. RELEASE INFO: Artist name: Słowiańskie Jebaki / Nuss O[czesc][czesc][czesc] Release name: "SP[L]IT" Split/EP Genre: Sound collage / Drone Format: MP3 (320 CBR), joint stereo Released: 12 X 2015 Recorded: Summer 2015 Credits: Music by Słowiańskie...
Topics: sound collage, plunderphonics, drone, noise, industrial, sex tape music, sex tape, orthodox, split,...